Joan of Arc – I Was Born For This

This video depicts the martyrdom of Jeanne d’Arc also known as Joan of Arc. All lyrics have been taken from her original writings except the phrase, “though your flames burn my body, my soul is on fire.”

Joan of Arc is remembered as a hero and few find themselves able to relate to her story. We hope that this performance will help you see that Joan was an ordinary woman with the simple courage to live according to her conscience.

We hope that women will be inspired to rise up and be women of God. To live according to their conscience, that men will honor them for being spiritual and moral examples, not only beautiful creatures.

A message from the artist, Kayla J Caron:

“A few months ago, I was asked to write a song about Joan of Arc and sing it for a young women’s program about powerful women. I knew very little about Joan, so I got to work. As I started studying her life, her quotes, and her trial transcript, I realized that she was one of the greatest women to walk the earth, and it was an honor to play her part!

I was standing at the kitchen sink when the words hit me, “Though your flames burn my body, my soul is on fire.” Those were the only lyrics that are not her direct quotes or my paraphrases of them. Her words are so passionately deliberate, and we are fortunate to have documents that preserve them. I couldn’t help but let her tell her own story.

When Temple Grove offered to sponsor a music video, I was surprised, excited, and nervous.I worked many long hours to create a set and costumes for the video, and we filmed as soon as I was ready. What an awesome way to remind everyone of Joan’s fearless and honorable life. May it inspire people to live with purpose, dignity, and faith!

That was going to be the end of the story. But I must have been standing a little too close to Joan, because my soul caught fire.

Human Trafficking has to stop. Addiction recovery is brutal. Suicide prevention is possible! If my music inspires people, I should be using it to inspire action, compassion, and transformation on a worldwide level.
Poverty is real. Death is heartbreaking. Pollution is destroying our home.
I can reach people’s hearts through their ears. I know I can. I will. I do.So I wrote a song of hope, “Not Forgotten”, for girls who are or have been trafficked, to create awareness of the situation and encourage donations for rescue and aftercare. We are filming the video this week, and all mp3 and sheet music sales will be donated to alleviate poverty and rescue trafficking victims.

This is just the beginning of my quest.

Is your soul on fire?”

Filming on her next video started today! – We’ll be sure to have an update on our blog when it goes live.

Kayla writes at View Her Blog!

We would like to thank Guthrie Pictures for the fantastic filming. If you’re looking for a videographer you have got to see his work!

Sheet Music and Audio are Available in Our Store

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