I Was Born For This

A simple project I did for a young women’s inspirational event last weekend. They had the mirror at the entry so the girls would see themselves as Joan of Arc as they came in. I was also asked to design a gift for them each to take home.

Vinyl For Mirror

It was an amazing musical program; my wife along with many others dressed as powerful women in history and shared songs.  I was lucky to have attended. Kayla Jessop performed an original composition from the perspective of Joan of Arc titled ‘I was born for this.’  I’m working with her to get it recorded and can’t wait to share it with all of you! It carries an amazing message to inspire young women to rise up and live their potential.

I felt humbled by the stories of women who chose to live their lives according to God’s will. Joan was burned at the stake at 19years old for heresy. Today our young women are asked to sell themselves for love acceptance and appreciation. Men are not expected to honor them, but to lust for them. I hope to see women rise up and fill valiant roles that humble men into respect and honor.

It is important that men see women in their power. You’ll find a good example in the movie, Cinderella.  She is kind and has courage. She influences the prince to see the world anew. She does not take the throne for herself, she honors the prince and yet her power is much greater than his. The prince may be heir to the throne, but his heart belongs to his princess. She did not gain this power by being submissive, weak demanding or strong. It was simply by speaking and acting according to her conscience. She knew where she stood. The same was true of Joan in her fight to crown the King of France.


My Latest Project, ‘I was born for this’.  A gift for the girls to bring home. What a powerful way for them to make the experience a part of their daily lives.

I Was Born To Do This - Block

I made 100 of these blocks. I put them together with my family and it made for some quality time together 🙂 When we were about halfway through my 6 yr old daughter said to me, “Dad, you never stop! ha ha… your like the tortoise.” This made me feel pretty good because I know the tortoise wins in the end. He doesn’t have to ‘stop’ because he’s going slow enough to notice when things need extra attention.

The key to success is consistency.

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