Words Of Light Memorial Giveaway – Winner Announced!

Words of Light - 2016 Giveaway

Thank You to all who entered. We had 62 Total Entries and we are so grateful you took the time to enter this drawing. Many more showed interest but did not complete the sign up process. Because it was under 100 entries we decided to make it more personal and do a classic drawing from a mason jar.

Lavon enjoyed the hands on experience in selecting the winner, and it helped us connect with the entries 🙂 We knew that everyone in the jar was deserving and we had a pit in our stomach during the drawing. We said a prayer that the right person would be selected and we are confident our prayer was answered.

We applaud the courage and hope you have shown in entering a drawing on behalf of your little ones and the fact that you cherish their memory. Thank you for coming together and sharing your love!

It is our only regret that we cannot supply a plaque for each of you. Thank you for celebrating our daughter with us and thank you for joining Temple Grove. All entrants will receive a high value coupon towards a words of light plaque in their email if they would like to create their own. We should have them out by the end of the week.

Thank You all and God Bless!

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